The Underwater Beauty

The Underwater Beauty
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I will be writing about Health & Nutrition, Organic Foods, Natural Healing, and some Great Healthy Recipes too!

We should also consider the rights and responsibilities of the Human Race in what we eat and how we live.

Since we are all different, I accept that no one thinks the same as anyone else, and that is fine. Some things are just "important" ...

So here we go ... here are some of my favorite ideas and findings that I hope will be interesting and helpful or even inspirational, for you as well.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can lifestyle change reduce cancer risks? (

A recent statistic has been released that indicates that one in two American men have a lifetime risk for cancer. In women, that risk is one in three. Cancer is now the second most prevalent disease in the United States. It is associated with about $ 210 billion in health care costs each year. Another statistic is that cancer survivors number 10.5 million or nearly 4 percent of the U.S. population.

The most critical modifiable risk factor for cancer is cessation of all tobacco use. Multiple studies have shown that tobacco in any form causes many different kinds of cancers. If a person is serious about cancer prevention, then they must be serious about not smoking and, if they do smoke, stopping immediately. The second leading cause of cancer is weight. The heavier a person is, the greater risk they have of developing cancer. It is known that fat alters a person's hormone mix.

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